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  • What is E-LIKE mission?

    Since E-LIKE found in the year of 2011,E-LIKE people dedicate to be a professional solution provider and manufacturer for all branding, retail stores and commercial buildings, focus on  high-end market, for integrated solutions with high stable

  • What kind of solutions E-LIKE can offer?

    Transparent led displays from the pixel pitch 2mm to 25mm, no matter straight screens or curved one; Crystal frame video walls for indoor application.

  • What is the E-LIKE transparent display difference compare to others?

    Besides the high brightness, high transparency and refresh rate, we also have two unique advantages as below: - Spare system for signal and power; This is the best solution to avoid the system failure rate, so that the stability of scre

  • How many types of Transparent led display E-LIKE supply?

    E-like transparent led display including 3 series: ER series, it is modular design, no size limitation to make big screens, both can be fixed installation on ground or hanging solution ,fits for lots of wide applications like retail st

  • What is E-LIKE products warranty time?

    2 years for transparent led displays whole series; 3 years for Crystal frame displays.

  • What is the dead LEDs rate for your transparent led screen?

    It’s 1/20,000, this is very high stability level, and we are keeping lowering it with full efforts.

  • What kind of control system for E-LIKE transparent led display?

    Currently we use Nova system.

  • Where can I get the latest control system of Nova?

    You will be free to download the latest version from Nova website; also can ask for our sales team or your contact window.

  • How can I adjust the screen brightness automatically avoid the light pollution?

    We will offer you a light sensor to realize it easily, just feel free to tell us your needs.

  • How long your lead time to place orders?

    Normally 4 -6 weeks, depends on the order quantity and production line situation, also if it involves into customized issues.

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